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Projects and calls

General description

The Projects and Calls unit is in charge of advising, processing and supporting the group of Institute researchers in everything related to obtaining financing to be able to carry out and complete their projects.

On the one hand, the Unit monitors the economic management related to the granted projects (receipt and management of expenses, processing of changes in budget items and extensions).

On the other hand, it facilitates the search, general and personalized dissemination of calls, as well as support in the management of their processing.


  • Management of research groups: process the incorporation of new groups, analyze the relevance of the changes of members requested by the heads of the groups. Guide for the incorporation of new members to the most suitable group. Guide collaboration between different groups of Research Institutes. Guide the search for groups to participate in proposals for European projects.
  • Manage with the main investigators the processing of documentation for the awarded projects, their economic follow-up, preparation of changes in items, extensions, as well as annual and final reports.


  • Network for the search for new funding sources: recruitment of calls, general and personalized dissemination
  • Processing of project applications: advice and support in the processing of project applications by researchers, communication of acceptance, refusal and deadlines for corrections and advice on allegations and appeals
  • Support for the development of emerging groups, analyzing the viability of the project and help in the search for calls
  • Processing and dissemination of networks encouraging the participation of researchers in the new research networks

Unit members

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