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Funding organisations of Biocruces Bizkaia

Biocruces Bizkaia is the Health Research Institute of Cruces University Hospital, a referral hospital for the Basque Country, with a proven record in teaching and research. It is based on the following organisations:

Department of Health. The Basque healthcare model is primarily based around two organisations: the Department of Health and the Basque Health Service (Osakidetza). The former is the regulatory, planning and funding body for the Basque Health System, as well as being responsible for issues related to rights and participation of users and safeguarding general public health surveillance. Visit webpage

Osakidetza. The Basque Health Service was established in 1983, as an independent organisation, to provide comprehensive healthcare to the population, financed through public funds and seeking to integrate all the facilities and services that it progressively took over the running of, in order to create a single healthcare system with all the existing public resources.

It serves as the public provider of healthcare in the Basque Country, through its 26 dependent healthcare organisations operating in one of three healthcare areas in the Basque Country (CAPV): Araba/Álava, Bizkaia y Gipuzkoa.Visit webpage

OSI Eskerraldea Enkarterri Cruces. The hospital at the core of the institute is an organisation of the public health system (part of Osakidetza) and was founded in 1955.

The mission of the hospital within Osakidetza is to provide highly specialised healthcare and serve as a referral centre. It works to improve the health of the population and generate knowledge and innovations that are useful for ensuring the sustainability of the healthcare system and for society.

After various phases of expansion and refurbishment, it currently has 900 beds, and handles more than 25,000 admissions with more than 250,000 bed days a year. To achieve this, it has a staff of 5,400 health professionals, of whom 1,250 are doctors.Visit webpage

OSI Bilbao Basurto.

The OSI Bilbao Basurto (OSI BB) was established in January 2014 as a result of the integration into a single Organization of the Basurto University Hospital (HUB) and the Bilbao Primary Care Region. Its area of ​​influence are the municipalities of Bilbao and Alonsótegui with a population of approximately 350,000 inhabitants.

For hospital care, the HUB has 620 beds, with an activity of about 40,000 admissions, 28,000 surgical consultations and 742,000 specialized care consultations, as well as 2,847,000 consultations carried out in the 26 Centers and Units of Primary Care in Medicine. of Family, Nursing, Midwives, Pediatrics, Dentistry and actions of the PAC.

In addition to its assistance activity, the OSI BB develops teaching work both undergraduate and graduate to students of Medicine, Nursing, Midwives and Technicians as well as specialized training in doctors, pharmacists, biologists and psychologists. In addition, the research activity has historically had a special role, developing in the research groups of the OSI of the order of 150 active studies between trials and projects. Visit webpage

OSI Barrualde-Galdakao.

The OSI Barrualde-Galdakao, belonging to the Osakidetza Network, is an integrated organization since January 2014 by the Galdakao-Usansolo Hospital, the Gernika-Lumo Hospital, 17 UAP, 4 outpatient clinics and 8 PAC. It covers more than 300,000 citizens of the Inland Region of Bizkaia and its mission is "to work to improve the health of our population with quality, safety and sustainability". The HGU is a general acute hospital and constitutes the core of the hospital activity with specialized medical-surgical services and referrals.

It currently has 416 beds, which annually receives more than 28,000 admissions with more than 111,000 stays and performs more than 25,000 surgeries. The structural template of the OSI is 2366 professionals, of which 681 are facultative. Its management model is based on the Euskalit Advanced Management Model. Visit webpage

Mental health network of Bizkaia.

The Mental Health Network of Bizkaia is a public health organization belonging to Osakidetza, which provides comprehensive care for the mental health of the population of Bizkaia, in collaboration with other organizations and institutions in the health and social field, with a community assistance model. It integrates Out-of-Hospital Mental Health and the three psychiatric hospitals of Bizkaia: Hospital de Bermeo, Hospital de Zaldibar and Hospital de Zamudio.

Since its creation in 2010, they have deployed a model that involves care in the community and close to people who need care, reducing the essential of hospital stays and intensifying coordination with other health, social and sanitary-partner services, to provide transverse and integrated attention to the person with mental illness.

The center of attention is the Mental Health Center. Together with him, Day Hospitals and Assertive Community Treatment Teams pay attention to patients in their usual environment and help people with severe mental illness to stay in the community environment. Visit webpage

University of the Basque Country/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (UPV/EHU). The UPV/EHU was established in its current form in 1980 and, four decades on, is thriving. Spread across 3 campuses (one in each of the Spanish Basque provinces) with a total of 31 faculties and schools, it makes a crucial contribution to the present day Basque Country. Composed of more than 50,000 people, the university is responsible for 70% of the research carried out in the region and has produced more than a quarter of a million graduates across a wide range of disciplines.Visit webpage

The Basque Foundation for Healthcare Innovation and Research (BIOEF). This foundation, promoted by the Department of Health of the Government of the Basque Country, seeks to promote innovation and research within the Basque Health System, as way to develop and continuously strengthen its ability to safeguard the health of the population.Visit webpage

Institutional entities

BBK is the entity that owns 57% of Kutxabank and collaborates in the promotion of the economy of the territory through its investment activity in surrounding companies. With the income generated, carries out the first Social Work of the State per inhabitant and the second by size. A Social Work generating sustainable economic and social value whose beneficiaries are all Biscayans.Visit webpage

Partnerships with key players in biotechnology

Biocruces Bizkaia has established a network of partnerships with key players in biotechnology, including CIC bioGUNE, the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics (BCAM) and Ikerbasque.

CIC bioGUNE. Center for Cooperative Research in Biosciences is a non-profit association whose main aims are to develop, produce, promote, disseminate and apply scientific and technological knowledge in the biosciences, through systematic experimental research and development, as well as training, transfer and dissemination of results to social and business partners, with a multidisciplinary approach and open to collaboration with third parties.

CIC bioGUNE was established in 2002 on the initiative of the Department of Industry of the Government of the Basque Country, and since then, it has played a strategic role in leading biomedical research and technological innovation in the Basque Country.Visit webpage

BCAM. The Basque Centre for Applied Mathematics is supported by the Department of Education, Language Policy and Culture of the Government of the Basque Country, the Regional Government of Bizkaia, the University of the Basque Country and Ikerbasque.

The centre’s mission is to carry out high quality interdisciplinary research in applied mathematics for the benefit of society. Bringing together highly qualified researchers and an international network of excellence, BCAM is becoming a flagship centre for applied mathematics at the international level, promoting scientific and technological advances.Visit webpage

Ikerbasque. This is a foundation supported by the Government of the Basque Country to contribute to supporting, promoting and developing research to enhance scientific, humanistic and technological advancements for the benefit of society, universities and research centres and the scientific community in general, facilitating a progressive consolidation of the community of researchers and scientists in the Basque Country.

The mission of Ikerbasque is to attract top researchers to stimulate research, in cooperation with research centres and universities, to carry out research at an excellent level.Visit webpage

Achucarro. The Achucarro Basque Center for Neuroscience, a research centre supported by Ikerbasque and UPV/EHU, is focused on basic and translational research in neuronal and glial cell biology.

Its mission is to develop new therapies for brain diseases, in cooperation with the local community and in collaboration with international institutions in the field of neuroscience, to contribute to the training of future neuroscientists.Visit webpage

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