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Animal house and an animal experimental unit


The Animal facilities, including an animal house and an animal experimental unit, provides support to biomedical initiatives for the generation, dissemination and application of scientific and technical knowledge in non-clinical hospital activities, offering data, as well as physical space and technical equipment. Its functions include advising and collaborating on the design and development of research projects, teaching and other activities, based on biological models rather than human patients.

The goal is to promote biomedical research, development and training by providing health professionals with the resources to necessary develop these initiatives. The result of this is advancement of knowledge with the consolidation of new lines of research within the Strategic Research Plans of the Spanish National Health System and of the hospital itself.

General description

The animal house meets all current regulations for the protection of animals used for experiments and other scientific and teaching objectives and for the places where these activities take place (Spanish Royal Decree 53/2013). Its main mission is to support scientific research and teaching, supplying the health and university systems, as well as other research centres and companies, with animals kept under close monitoring and constant environmental conditions, as well as other related-services they require for research and teaching purposes.

This facility serves not only researchers of Cruces University Hospital but also public and private organisations that are part of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network (centres for cooperative research [CICs], and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, among others) that need to house vertebrates treating them with respect and strictly adhering to regulations on animal protection and experiments (for more information, see the portfolio of services offered)

The animal house of Cruces University Hospital is listed on the official register of breeding centres, suppliers and user of animals for experimental and other scientific purposes (Order, 25 June 1991), as a user establishment with reference number EU-03.BI and on the general registry of livestock farms (Spanish Royal Decree 479/2004), with reference number ES. 480130006325.

The members of staff of the Animal Facility are authorised by the relevant authorities and have the skills to perform the functions established in Spanish Royal Decree 53/2013. They have extensive experience in the breeding and handling of a range of relevant animal species, and have access to external veterinary expertise. Further, they are authorised and registered by the relevant authority in relation to the care of animals during transport to the facility, in compliance with European Council Regulation (EC) No. 1/2005.

The use of animals, including in the execution of experimental procedures, for research and other scientific purposes, is supervised and authorised by the Hospital Body Responsible for Animal Welfare (OEBA), established on 9 February 2015, with the objective of ensuring adherence to regulations regarding the use of animals under professional codes of practice and ethical criteria.


Portfolio of services

Official rates are available to users. Please request them through the contact form.

  • Management and Purchasing
  • Maintenance
  • Anaesthesia - Analgesia
  • Ventilation
  • Animal model design
  • Surgery
  • Monitoring
  • Administration of substances and extraction of samples
  • Hospitalisation – Intensive Care
  • Laboratory testing – Measurements
  • Euthanasia - Necropsy
  • Research consultancy

Requests for services

To access the services of this facility, please complete a request form, following the instructions in the PDF (below):

Request for project evaluation - Use of animals

To request the Evaluation of Projects in which animals are used for experimentation, it is necessary to carry out an Evaluation Request , following the indications indicated in the PDF Evaluation of Projects in which animals are used for Experimentation and completing the indicated documents:


There are three types of zones in the centralised Animal Facility:

I.- Animal zones:
These are the areas where experimental animals (mice, rats, rabbits, pigs and sheep) are housed and bred, including conventional cages for rodents and rabbits.

II.- Service zones:

a. Experimental/research laboratories:

These laboratories are next to the animal housing.

  • Surgery and microsurgery operating room:(Laparoscopy, fetal surgery and microsurgery): weights, simple and double-headed surgical microscopes, anesthesia tower, laparoscopic surgery tower, aspirator, electrocoagulator, extracorporeal pumps, surgical tables, pulse oximeter, capnograph.
  • Intensive care unit (ICU): limited pressure and continuous flow ventilators, EEG system, monitors and intensive surveillance network, tissue oxygenation monitors, respiratory function system, cardiac thermodilution equipment, non-invasive vascular flow meter, incubator, pulse oximeter and capnograph.
  • Biochemical analysis (point-of-care POC): Blood ion analyzer, oximeter and co-oximeter.

b. Warehouse and technical plant

III.- Intercom areas:
They are of primary importance to ensure the transit of people, animals and equipment as rationally as possible.

Platform members


These are the platform fees, divided according to the size of the animals.

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