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Bioinformatics and information systems


These are the activities carried out by the platform:

  • Design and development of the information structure of the Institute and selection of the necessary software.
  • Design, development and maintenance of the institute's website.
  • Review and update of the contents of the Institute's website, always in contact with its authors.
  • Management of Linux and Windows operating systems. Management of eventual computer access to visiting researchers on their own computers and / or on Biocruces Bizkaia Institute computers, including access to the Internet, email, as well as printing / scanning services.
  • Technical advice on computer applications and equipment: request for offers, preparation of reports and selection proposal in collaboration with other agents involved.
  • Computer equipment and applications configuration: configure and install new computer equipment / applications.
  • Management of user incidents and interrelation with the center's IT services.
  • Design, development and maintenance of the institute's intranet.


These are the services that the platform performs:

  • Design of data collection sheets (paper).
  • Database design: Advice on the DB design phase (selection and coding of variables, structuring and relationships of the data, selection of the data manager sw, etc.).
  • Development of complete local database: Implementation of functionalities for its exploitation, consultation, debugging, quality control, etc.
  • Preparation of data for exploitation and analysis: processes of consultation, validation, debugging and export to statistical programs.
  • Technical Project Office: Technical advice and dialogue for projects developed by external companies (identification of needs, monitoring of execution, etc.).

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