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Cell cultures


The Cell Culture Facility at IIS Biocruces Bizkaia is created in the year 2013 as a scientific service and technical support for facilitating the experimentation with cell cultures to research groups Biocruces Bizkaia IIS and external users. Facility laboratories are located on the first floor of the building Biocruces 3.

The aim of the Facility is to provide adequate facilities and equipment, as well as specialized management personnel that guarantees a correct use and a successful maintenance of primary and stable cell lines cultures. The Facility can be flexible and adapt processes for specific culture requirements from users.

The Facility consists of two independent areas, both of them with controlled environment that comply with the Biosafety Level 2 requirements (BSL-2). One area is under positive pressure and the second, under negative pressure which allows appropriate handling of samples according to their origin and characteristics.

In order to provide and guarantee working conditions that working with cell cultures requires, the Facility is responsible, through strict control of use, for the correct functioning of the laboratories and their equipment by rigorous cleaning of facilities and equipment, constant evaluation of cultures to avoid contaminations, management of consumables, purchase of specific products needed and adequate cell cryopreservation in liquid nitrogen.

Facility management

Facility management

  • Set up, control and preventive maintenance of equipment and facilities. Validations under request. Generation of specific operating procedures for the use, maintenance and cleaning of equipment and facilities, and also to control their proper functioning and registration of parameters.
  • Monitoring of equipment and facilities: Daily record of critical parameters for cell culture, such as temperature and supply of gases (CO2, N2, air), and environments pressure, gas supply, alarm status in cell culture rooms.
  • Use management and monitoring good practices in culture rooms to prevent contamination of cell cultures and ensure better working conditions.
  • Cryopreservation Service: Maintenance of cell line stocks in liquid nitrogen. Daily control of levels of liquid nitrogen in supply rangers and cryopreservation tank. Daily control of cryopreservation tank temperature and available samples storing distribution.
  • Waste management.
  • Training in basic tissue culture techniques.


Portfolio of services

These services can be adapted and those not included can be ordered and will be evaluated. For more information contact the Facility.

  • Use of biological safety cabinets (includes use of baths, inverted microscopes: transmitted light and fluorescence, centrifuges and smaller equipment).
  • Use of Whitley H135 hypoxia station (Cab-incubator in hypoxia).
  • Use of CO2 Incubators.
  • Cryopreservation in liquid nitrogen tank.
  • Detection of mycoplasma.
  • Possibility to set up assays using cell or tissue samples. Cell harvesting, isolation and culture from different tissues, cell stocks production, viability-cytotoxicity analysis (XTT assay), evaluation of cell adhesion and migration, cell characterizations…

Service request

For further information or service request, contact the Facility in the following e-mail address:


The laboratories have two work areas with controlled environment and different pressure (positive or negative with respect to the outside), with restricted access with biosafety level 2. As far as possible, the use of these areas has been differentiated according to the type of crops you work with.

Vertical laminar flow cabinets

  • 7 cabinas de flujo laminar vertical de Seguridad Biológica clase II A, Bio II Advance 4 de Telstar.
  • 1 Estación de hipoxia, HEPA H135 WORKSTATION, don whitley/NIRCO.

CO2 incubators

  • 4 CO2 incubators In VitroCell UN-5810E Series 5 from Nuaire, 200 liter capacity, interior meets ISO Class 5+.
  • 2 CO2 incubators Sanyo MCO-18AIC, 170 liter capacity with infrared sensor and ultraviolet light system to keep the interior free from contamination.
  • 1 CO2 incubators Panasonic MCO-18AIC, 170 liter capacity with ultraviolet light system to keep the interior free from contamination.


  • 1 HEREAUS MEGAFUGE 40R centrifuge.
  • 1 HEREAUS PICO 21 microcentrifuge.
  • 1 SARTORIUS 2-6 centrifuge.
  • 1 Beckman Coulter Allegra X-22 Centrifuge.


  • 1 DMi1 LEICA inverted microscope.
  • 1 DM IL LED LEICA inverted microscope.
  • 1 Nikon eclipse TE 2000-U inverted microscope.
  • 1 DM IL LED LEICA fluorescence inverted microscope.
  • 1 LEICA fluorescence DMi8 microscope. In the hypoxia cabin.


  • 4 Liebherr fridge-freezers with space for 4ºC and -20ºC.
  • 1 Panasonic MPR-S313 Pharmaceutical Refrigerator 340 liters (2-14ºC).
  • 2 Liebherr 224 liter capacity freezers (-20ºC). GP 2733 model.

In the cold room, adjacent to the growing areas

  • 1 Air Liquide Espace 151 cryo-freezer with automatic filling.

In the preparation room, adjacent to the growing areas

  • 1 Autoclave Autester ST Dry PV III 80 liters of SELECTA.
  • 1 INDELAB MODEL FLOW-LAN SV gas extraction cabinet, by INDELAB.

Rest of minor equipment

  • 2 SELECTA Precisdig thermostatted baths.
  • 1 thermostatized bath AQUABATH 18007A-ICE.
  • 1 MEMMERT thermostatted bath.
  • 1 vortex mixer.
  • 8 VACUSAFE vacuum pumps.

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